Working and Therapy

Working & Therapy

Urban Mushing

Our dogs enjoy Urban Mushing (bikejouring). If you are local to Orange County we have a group that meets on the weekend. The dogs love getting out and doing what they LOVE to do...RUN!!


Many of our dogs are Therapy Certified and work in Nursing homes, schools etc.. They have to go through extensive training and testing order to complete the program Only those dogs with  the best temperaments will become certified. Some of our Therapy stars are Whitney. Mojito and Kiska


Did you know Sammies are great herding dogs? They were originally used to herd reindeer. And guess what, they still have the natural ability.  They are great herders and absolutely love it! So many of our Sammies have passed their Herding Instinct Test, Aspen, Rainie, Cherokee, Zoe, Hunter, Angelo, Kaden, Charli, Lucky, Rider, Natalie, Yukon, Blakely and many more...