Samoyed Must Haves

As a longtime Sammy owner, breeder, groomer, handler I'm always being asked what supplies I recommend. What toys do sammies really love? How do I groom my Samoyed and what tools do I use? How do you keep your dogs so white  (I get this all the time). So I want to share with you the products and supplies I swear by. 





You absolutely need to have a crate for your Samoyed. They come in many different sizes and style. I prefer a wire crate because it offers better ventilation and it folds down easily for travel or storage. I also really love the soft crates. Since I show and travel with my dogs all the time, the soft crates are perfect for hotel rooms and take up very little space when folded down. Not necessarily great for small puppies but once you can trust they won't chew it up, they are great for travel. I absolutely love the Noz2Noz soft crate. They're sturdy and durable yet easy to carry and transpor.t 

I will also list my favorite pet gate and doggie doors:


My favorite crates/containment items:

Toys! Toys! Toys!


This is the fun part! Sammies love toys. They're super playful and love a variety of different toys and chews. Did I mention chewing? Samoyeds love to chew so you want to make sure you have appropriate chews so they don't chew up your shoes or walls (um, this has never happened:) They get bored easily so you want to have a lot of different sizes, shapes and textures. Here are my top picks:

My #1 must have toys and bones:

Grooming Supplies

Since I do a lot of grooming , I'm always being asked what brush should I use? What do I do when my dog is blowing coat??  


While Samoyeds can be high maintenance when it comes to grooming, you want to make sure you are prepared with the right tools to get the job done. Here is a list of your must have grooming supplies:


The grooming necessities:

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